Aries Under Fire, LLC, dba Spa Massage By Kristine

121 S Estes Dr Suite 204A Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Spa Massage By Kristine

Updated February 13, 2019


     Are you ready? Escape...

Prices flexible based on each client's needs & frequency of visits. Financial constraints may also be taken into consideration. 

      Package Discounts &

    Gift Certificates available.

2020 Updates: Prices currently flexible on a case-by-case basis.

Alternative healing modalities may also be available,

including crystal healing, QHHT, & Human Design Readings.

Email [email protected] to inquire.

Approximately 10 free official QHHT Sessions are still available.

Customized sessions for each client may include:

hot towel wraps, aromatherapy, and/or other signature

rituals based on each client's customized treatment plan for

that session.